The city of The Witcher, also known as Oklahoma City, is a small suburb in southeast Oklahoma City. Although its name may not ring any bells with you, the area has a rich heritage that dates back to the early-19th century. If you’re looking for why this area was named by this famous writer, then keep reading! This suburb is home to several historical landmarks and events that have contributed to its unique history. The Witcher, an old Indian word meaning ‘The Hunter’ or ‘The Tracker’, played a major role in shaping the future of this small town. Let’s take a look at what happened here in the past.

The Naming of The Witcher, Oklahoma

The Witcher Suburb started off as a settlement called Jones Settlement. The town was established by a man named Edwin Jones in 1891, who was an early pioneer who had immigrated to the United States from Wales. Jones Settlement was a crossroads and trading center for the Chickasaw Nation, the Choctaw Nation, the Kiowa Nation, and the Texas Rangers. Jones Settlement also had a post office from 1894 to 1896. The name of the settlement was changed to the Witcher Post Office in honor of the famous Polish author and adventurer, Andrzej Ksawery “Wit” Witcher. Witcher was known for writing historical novels that are set in the medieval times.

A Brief History of The Witcher, Oklahoma

The Witcher Suburb was officially incorporated as a town during the period between October 1901 and April 1902. During the same period, it was also given the name of Oklahoma City. The town was named after its original settlers, the Welsh-Americans who were also known as Joneses. The area was later renamed to the Witcher Suburb in the honor of the famous novelist, Wit. Oklahoma City and the Witcher Suburb are both part of the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Other Names for the Witcher, Oklahoma

The Witcher was also known as Jones Settlement, Oklahoma City, and Oklahoma City-Witcher. As a matter of fact, the area was once named Jones Settlement in 1891. This is also the same year when the area was first settled. In 1904, the name was officially changed to Oklahoma City-Witcher. The latter was also a reference to Wit’s famous book The Witchery. However, the area was renamed once again to just The Witcher in the late 1930s.

What Is the Witcher Suburb Named After?

The Witcher Suburb was named after Wit, a famous Polish writer. Wit was a man who had authored numerous books about historical events and legends. Wit also wrote many popular novels that were set in medieval times. The Witchery, Wit’s most famous book, is a fictional tale that is saturated with medieval legends and superstitions. In the Witchery, Wit depicts the world of witches and magic, a common motif in his novels.

Final Words: A Summary and interpretation

The Witcher Suburb is the small town in Oklahoma City that was named after Wit. Wit is a famous Polish author and adventurer who wrote numerous books that depict the world of witches and magic. Wit also wrote many popular novels that were set in medieval times. The Witcher Suburb was named after Wit, a reference to his book The Witchery. The article above gives you a summary of everything that happened in the area and all the important facts about the town’s history. As you can see, this small Oklahoma town was named after one of the most famous Polish authors and adventurers.