Lakeview, OK

Lakeview is a suburb of Edmond, Oklahoma. It is located on the north side of the city, and is bordered by NW Corner Road to the east, Brookridge Drive to the west and Lakeview Drive to the south. Although small in size, Lakeview has several amenities that make it desirable for homeowners looking to live in a suburban neighborhood. The neighborhood has great access to both Highway 183 and Interstate 40. Several public schools (including a new K-8 school) are located within walking distance of residents. Lakeview also offers easy access to shopping at several major retail chains as well as numerous dining opportunities. In addition, nearby parks offer residents recreation options year-round.

What You’ll Pay for Living in Lakeview, Oklahoma

In 2016, the median home listing price in Lakeview was $260,000. This is a $92,000 increase from the median listing price in 2014. This means that if you’re looking to move to Lakeview and buy a house, you can expect to spend $92,000 on a house. It’s important to note that this median price is skewed by several large homes that are listed for sale. The average home listing price in Lakeview is only $199,000. If you’re looking to buy in a more affordable area of the city, you’ll have to look a little farther out. As far as monthly mortgage payments go, that depends on several factors. Some of those factors include your interest rate, your loan term length and your down payment. In most cities, you can expect your monthly mortgage payments to be between $1,115 and $1,329. This number is determined by how much you’re paying each month, what you’re paying each month, and how long you’re paying it for.

How to Buy a Home in Lakeview

There are two ways to buy a home in Lakeview. First, you can purchase a new home built in the neighborhood. Alternatively, you can buy and renovate an existing house. Depending on your preference, you can buy and live in a new home or buy and renovate an existing home. Either route has benefits. Buying a new home is less expensive and allows you to choose the floor plan and features you want. However, buying a home that’s already built has certain advantages. First, you’ll save money by avoiding closing fees and taxes. Second, you can purchase a home that’s already in good shape and ready to be enjoyed by its new owners.

See All the Homes on Zillow for Sale in Edmond, OK

If you’re looking to buy a home in Lakeview, you can find a list of homes for sale in the area on Zillow. Simply enter “Lakeview” in the search bar and select “See All Sells” to find all the homes for sale in Lakeview. Zillow allows you to easily compare listings and find homes that interest you. You can also let Zillow help you plan your search for homes by creating a search criteria. For example, you can choose to view homes that are under $300,000 to find more affordable options.

Where to Invest in Lakeview, City, Suburb or Neighborhood?

If you’re looking to buy a home in Lakeview, you might want to consider investing in the neighborhood. Each year, millions of dollars are traded between home buyers and sellers. This form of real estate investment is known as flipping. Flipping houses is a popular way of making money because it’s very profitable and takes very little time to execute. There are many ways to flip homes, but one popular method is to sell a home and quickly buy it back at a different price. You can flip houses by buying at a low price and selling at a high price.

Bottom line

Lakeview offers residents a great deal of amenities in a small and affordable suburb. The neighborhood is easily accessible from both Highway 183 and Interstate 40. There are several schools located close to residents, making it easy for kids to attend school. In addition, Lakeview has great access to shopping, dining and recreation opportunities. If you’re looking to buy a home in this Oklahoma suburb, you can find a list of homes for sale on Zillow. If you’re interested in flipping houses in the area, you can also invest in the neighborhood.

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