Lake Hiwassee

If you like country life and small-town living, then the city of Lake Hiwassee is for you. Located 55 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, this town is an ideal place to call home. The city has a population of fewer than 1,000 people and just over 20 businesses. If that’s not enough to convince you, take into account that the average home price here is $60,000. Lake Hiwassee is located along the banks of Lake Hiwassee in Edmond County. It’s also known as Sugar Bear Lake because it was once owned by a man named Sugar Bear Hill. Today, the lake provides residents with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and hillsides. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about it because most locals live outside of town.

Why is it an amazing place to live in Edmond, OK?

Lake Hiwassee is a small town that is located in Edmond County. It’s a perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a rural area that offers a slower pace of life. In Lake Hiwassee, you’ll find a unique way of life where the community is very close-knit and everyone knows everyone. With a low cost of living, great schools and abundant nature, you’ll be able to call this city your home for years to come. Lake Hiwassee is located in the Great Plains region of Oklahoma. The area features wide open plains and rolling hills. The city is surrounded by mountains, which make for beautiful views. Lake Hiwassee is also near the Hiwassee River, which is a popular spot for fishing. The lake is an ideal spot for boating and swimming.

Excellent School Districts

Lake Hiwassee is an excellent place to live if you have kids. The Lake Hiwassee Public Schools are among the best in the state. Lake Hiwassee High School is ranked among the top 3 percent of public schools in the state. Similarly, Lake Hiwassee Elementary School is also rated among the top 3 percent in the state. If you want your kids to get a great education, you should definitely move to Lake Hiwassee. If you want your kids to get even more out of their education, you should consider enrolling them in one of the area’s many excellent schools. Lake Hiwassee is home to the Hiwassee Central School District. This district has several excellent private and public schools, including Indian Mesa High School. You’ll also find several other excellent private schools in the area, including Claremont Academy, which was recently ranked among the best in the country.

The Environment and Community are Important to Residents

Lake Hiwassee is an environment-friendly city that cares a lot about community and nature. Residents here are always trying to do things to help protect the environment. Some of the city’s efforts include a recycling program that has seen a 98 percent increase in recyclable items since it was launched. They also have a city parks and recreation department that has partnered with several local organizations to create a wide array of parks and recreational opportunities for residents. Lake Hiwassee residents are also trying to make their city a more bicycle-friendly community. With the help of the city, they’re working on improving bike and walking paths in the area. They’re also trying to get businesses to be more bike-friendly so that people can easily get from one place to another without having to worry about driving.

Many Local Businesses are Opening Up in Lake Hiwassee

Lake Hiwassee is a small town that has a growing number of local businesses. In fact, the city has seen a 53 percent increase in new businesses in the last five years. This is great news for people who want to live in a small town that offers a wide range of options. There are several businesses that are either owned or operated by locals in the Lake Hiwassee area. If you want to eat out, there are several great burger joints located in the area such as Big Burger and Hamburger Hut. The Dairy Hut is another great restaurant for those who want to enjoy ice cream cones. And for those who want to try out new craft beers, there’s Hiwassee Brewing Company.

Final Words: Should You Move to Lake Hiwassee?

If you’re looking for a small town in Oklahoma with plenty of nature, great schools and an affordable cost of living, then you should consider moving to Lake Hiwassee. This city has everything you’re looking for. The only question you have to ask yourself is if you want to live in a place that is truly unique and special or if you’d rather live in a place that feels like home. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if this is the right place for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the city and the community, you can visit the Lake Hiwassee website.