Britton is a town in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, United States. It was annexed by Oklahoma City in 1950. According to the GNIS, Britton is a populated place. It has a population of about 5,000 people. The town is located in the Oklahoma City metro area.

The median price for a home in Britton, Oklahoma is $133,387. This is slightly less than the 84.2% national average. Renters in Britton have a median rent of $1,384, which is higher than the 77.3% state average. If you are looking for an affordable rental in Britton, you can search for homes that have recently been reduced in price. If you’d like to avoid renting, you can also search for new home communities in Britton.

When it comes to entertainment, Britton is home to several music hotspots. Size Records and the Conservatory, formerly Green Door, are two popular music venues. These are the local equivalents of CBGB in Oklahoma City. As part of the city’s Better Streets, Safer Cities bond package, Britton will receive CANEAB surplus allocation to improve its streets. The city will also receive funding for sidewalks through MAPS 4.

The vacancy rate in Britton is 13.4%, which is much higher than the national average of just over 71.6%. It could be due to weak demand for real estate or the large number of new homes being constructed. However, the demographics of Britton are generally good. If you’re looking to buy a home, be sure to consider the neighborhood’s maintenance and local community. You’ll also want to look for homes that have parking spaces. You’ll find desirable neighbors in Britton.

For families with children, there are several daycare centers in the area. Daycare providers in Britton, Oklahoma City include the Junior League of OKC, Childtime Learning Centers, and Central Park May Dog Daycare. If you need medical attention, there are several clinics within easy reach of Britton. You can visit these clinics for minor ailments or an emergency.

There are many activities in Britton that foster the growth of the community. A community festival will take place on July 31 with food trucks, vendors, and live entertainment. Organizers hope that the festival will help bring people together and build a stronger community. This event will be the perfect way to celebrate the community and celebrate the town’s history.

The Britton District in Oklahoma City is a growing commercial area. It’s centered around Britton Road, which connects Lake Hefner Parkway and Interstate 235. The heart of the district is “old Britton,” a stretch of historic buildings infused with small-town charm. This area also has a new roof on the historic Ritz theater. There are also plans to renovate the Britton old-town area.

The Hefner Post Office is located in Oklahoma City at 7800 W Hefner Rd. Residents of the area can visit the office and pick up mail or take care of mail at the Post Office.