Science Museum Oklahoma

The Science Museum located at 2020 Remington Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73111 is a great place to bring the kids. The 8-acre museum includes exhibits focusing on space, aviation, and culture. The Kirkpatrick Air and Space Museum explores the contributions of Oklahomans to space travel, including a replica of the Apollo Command Module and Lunar Module. There is also a fun area for kids called CurioCity. Guests can play games and build science projects while learning.

OKC is a growing metropolis that has a diverse population. Many residents of Oklahoma consider their state’s capital a home. College football is a popular pastime for the state’s residents, and Oklahomans treat it like a professional sport. The state also has a rich Native American heritage. Oklahoma museums highlight this rich heritage, and the history of Native Americans is visible throughout the city. The state capitol is located on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Another free attraction in Oklahoma City is the Charles B. Hall Airpark. This air park is close to the Museum of Osteology. You’ll be able to view restored aircraft, and aviation enthusiasts will love looking at the sculptures. You can also get some fresh air while walking through the airpark. The 45th Infantry Division, also known as the Thunderbirds, was one of the first National Guard units sent to World War II. It also served in the Korean War.

Another excellent museum in Oklahoma City is the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. Located on the University of Oklahoma campus, this museum showcases natural history from all angles. There are several permanent exhibits at this museum, including a Hall of World Cultures that explore international cultures. The museum also offers hands-on exhibits for kids in the Discovery Room. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits. Another exhibit is the Old Route 66 Filling Station, which features a skeleton of an Oklahoma roadside restaurant from the 1920s. It is the largest land animal skull ever discovered.

Another museum in Oklahoma City that kids will enjoy is Factory Obscura, a colorful art installation located in Automobile Alley. With over 6,000 square feet of interactive space, this immersive art installation will be an unforgettable experience for your kids. They will love this space and will definitely want to go back for more! While visiting Science Museum Oklahoma, make sure to plan a trip to the Museum of Osteology. This museum is located on a former quarry pit and is located near the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden is another great attraction. This place has been operating for more than a century, and is filled with animals from all over the world. A tour of the zoo includes behind-the-scenes events. You can also ride on trains and boats and experience the habitats of the Ozark Highlands, Turner Falls, and Black Mesa. It’s a great place to bring the family and enjoy the outdoors in Oklahoma City.