Oklahoma Firefighters Museum

The Oklahoma Firefighters Museum is an educational and entertainment center that offers many exhibits about the history of Oklahoma’s fire services. The museum’s extensive collection includes antique fire trucks, firefighting uniforms and antique fire apparatus. The museum is run by the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association. It is located at 2716 NE 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111. The building was completed in 1969 and also houses offices of the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association and Oklahoma Retired Firefighters Association.

The museum contains numerous historic fire engines from the turn of the century. The museum also displays some of the best firefighting equipment. It also has a children’s activity center. Children are encouraged to participate in the activities, as well as learn about fire safety and firefighting equipment. The museum also features a memorial to fallen firefighters. More information available here.

The Oklahoma Firefighters Museum is located in Oklahoma City, OK. The museum was founded in 1967. It has a unique collection of fire apparatus and equipment, including a restored 1869 fire station. It also has a unique mural depicting Oklahoma firefighters. It is one of the most prominent museums in the country for fire apparatus preservation. It is owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association and is funded through membership dues.

The Oklahoma Firefighters Museum is located in an area of the city with several other museums. It offers a fascinating look into the history of firefighting. Visitors can view historic pieces of equipment and information about fire safety and sprinkler systems. The museum also has artifacts from around the world. The museum also offers a self-guided audio tour that will help you understand the history of the fire service in Oklahoma. It is an educational place for all citizens, regardless of age or background.

The museum also features a reproduction of an old fire station, antique alarm systems, and log books that guide firemen through the process of first response. It also has a huge collection of firefighter patches. The collection began with just four boxes in the 1960s and has grown to over 7,000 today.

A $9.5 million expansion is planned for the museum in Lawton. This expansion will double the museum’s square footage and update existing portions. It will also have interactive displays and an event center. In addition, Clark Construction has donated $400,000 for the construction manager fee. The museum is located at 2716 NE 50th Street and has a board of directors.

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