Harn Homestead

Harn Homestead is a historic farm and national historic site located at 1721 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. The main house was built by Mr. John Harn in 1875. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since January 27, 1981. Today, the site features the Harn Museum of Art; a working farm; and several other buildings which are open to the public during special events throughout the year. Harn Hom Dwell will become an educational hub featuring various types of programming for residents and visitors alike. These programs will help the public understand our agricultural heritage and explore what it means to grow their own food.

What is the Harn Homestead?

The Harn Homestead was established in 1872 by John Harn. As a young man, he migrated to the Western Territories from Kentucky, where he was born in 1835. In 1868, he married Miss Mary Fowler and they settled in the Indian Territory in 1872 to farm. In 1876, they moved to the present site of Oklahoma City. They built their home and farmstead on a tract of land that Mr Harn had acquired in 1870. The main house on the property dates back to 1875 when it was built by Mr. Harn. The Harn Homestead is the oldest and longest running farm in Oklahoma City. It is a living museum with approximately 50 structures on site, the majority of which date back to the Harn family’s initial settlement in the Pueblo. The site also features an extensive vegetable, fruit and nut orchard, livestock, and apiaries. The site is also a working farm, offering a variety of crops, livestock, and honey bee activities for visitors to experience firsthand.

A Day in the Life at Harn Homestead, Oklahoma City OK

As you step through the front gate of Harn Homestead, you are immediately transported back to the time of the pioneers. You are greeted by the sweet aroma of flowers, and a gentle breeze. The lawns are beautifully maintained, and the orchard is in full bloom with oranges, grapefruit, and fig trees. You might even see a few ducks swimming in the pond. You walk up the front porch steps and knock on the door. Your host, John Harn, welcomes you and shows you around the house. There is a large living room with a fireplace, a formal dining room, an old kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom with a clawfoot tub. You might try a recipe in the kitchen or head outside to the apiaries. The property also includes a walnut grove and a vegetable orchard. Harn Homestead offers many summer fun activities for kids. You can take a hayride, visit the farm animals, play in the playground, explore the nature trails, and enjoy a concert in the amphitheater. There are also activities for adults, such as arts and crafts, bonfires, and more.

Harn Museum of Art: A New Home for Exhibitions and Festivals

The Harn Homestead is home to one of Oklahoma’s oldest art collections. John Harn was a pioneer artist who studied in New York City in the early 20th century. He returned to Oklahoma and specialized in paintings of flora and fauna. His pieces are now housed at the Harn Museum of Art, which will open at the Harn Homestead in 2019. The Harn Museum of Art will feature changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, as well as music and film festivals. The museum will also serve as a public art gallery, featuring works by Oklahoma artists. There will be a new home for the Harn Museum of Art, which currently shares a building with the Oklahoma City Community College’s Center for Creativity. The new space will provide dedicated exhibition and performance space for the museum. As part of the project, an outdoor amphitheater will be built, complemented by an indoor space for events and performances. Check this out!

Historic Site Improvements

The Harn Homestead will also be improved with improved infrastructure and site amenities. The site will receive a new water source and a new cistern, providing more reliable water pressure. An underground electric conduit will also be installed to help ensure the security of energy supply. A new road will be constructed to allow visitors easier access to the property, and parking areas will be constructed around the perimeter of the site.


The Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City is a living history museum and working farm that features a collection of historic buildings, a working farm, and a museum of art. The property will be renovated to provide for a new home for the Harn Museum of Art and for improved infrastructure and site amenities.