Edmond History Museum

The Edmond History Museum is a local landmark that opened in 1973 and is housed in the former Armory of the 45th Division of the Oklahoma National Guard. It is located at 431 S Blvd, Edmond, OK 73034.  The museum is filled with artifacts from Edmond’s history. The museum also has a room with archives that are open to the public. Volunteers at the museum are more than happy to answer any questions visitors have about Edmond’s past. The museum also hosts community events and classes. Local Girl Scout and Cub Scout groups often visit to learn about Edmond’s history.

The Edmond History Museum is also home to an exhibit about the city’s tree culture. The exhibit combines student artwork with historical information and photographs of the city’s trees. The exhibit traces the town’s tree culture back to 1889, when homesteaders arrived in a flat, mixed-grass prairie. In the area, they discovered an ancient deciduous forest made up of post oaks and hardy blackjack trees. These early settlers quickly saw the value of trees and began planting more in the city. Today, some of these trees are over 200 years old and are still valued by Edmondites.

The Edmond History Museum and Society is run by Amy McLaughlin, an expert in museum curation and storytelling. Her work has deepened Edmond’s connection to the past and inspired locals to document their own history. In honor of Amy’s work, the Edmond Chamber of Commerce named her as the 2020 Woman of the Year.

There are many exhibits at the Edmond History Museum. In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum also hosts seasonal and temporary exhibits that feature Oklahoma animals and culture. The museum’s website also features educational programs and information about the museum‘s current exhibits. The museum’s gift shop offers items such as Route 66 memorabilia and books by local authors. There are also postcards, stick candy, and Oklahoma souvenirs.

Kids can learn about history through interactive activities. The museum’s Gallery Adventures program is ideal for young children. The two-hour program starts at 2 pm and goes until 2:45 pm. It’s an opportunity to practice your knowledge of children’s books and to win prizes! The museum also has a traveling trunk that features items from the museum’s collections.

The Edmond History Museum is currently hosting an exhibit of an Olympic collection. This collection spans the years 1896-1996. It will be on display until October 2, 2021. The exhibition is open to the public and members of the Edmond History Museum are encouraged to attend. The exhibit will also include items related to the Olympic games.